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information coming up. a construction worker died and concerned students may have witnessed i. the day bridge closure is just about here and how some people are standing to profit. good evening, tuz,. this is bay area news. at least five homes in fairfield and two of them are destroyed. officials tell us about 50 homes are under evacuation orders. the fire reported at 3:40 this afternoon burning along interstate 80. the flames jumped and spread to marie gold drive
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where the fire started to damage homes. and that prompted the highway patrol to call alerts with eastbound traffic slowing more miles. let's go to ken wayne live in fairfield with new information. >> reporter: we are outside fairfield high school which is turning into a command center and evacuation center for residents that's affected by the fire. you can see the video of how big the fire is. the flames have been knocked out, there is still smoke coming from the scene, it is now 70% contained and joining me now is sergeant blank from the fairfield department, what is the status of the fire now, most of it is out. >> the currently it is about 70% contained and they'll be there all night and making sure that it will not clear up again. >> correct. >> we have a lot of fires burning across
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california right now, do fire departments have resources to put the fire out, they're stretched so thin. was there enough to get a quick jump on this fire? >> yes , it was, luckily with the fire department here initially and in solano county, we are able to limit the fire access, we are only lost 3 homes and with the response that we had it could have been a lot worst. >> and the winds is a big issue here. >> yes, it fuels the fire so you have to react quickly. >> all right, sergeant, thank you very much. firefighters will be on the scene all night long and we are waiting to find out when the residents who are evacuated are allow to return. we'll have more of this tonight on the 10:00 news. live in fairfield, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news
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paul chambers is live and in berkeley school and fall classes there starts tomorrow. >> reporter: we are told that all -- would have been in place by the end of the day of today's accident. they have been working on this since june. >> members of berkeley police department spent the day investigating of the deadly workplace accident near the school in berkeley of the tracks. >> what happened is the accident of a vehicular accident that resulted of a fatality of a construction worker. >> around 12:45 this afternoon crews were laying as sfalts when 25-year-old robert bell was killed. the man working at this area near the bottom with his back towards
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the truck. for some unknown reason the truck rolled down the hill and striking and killing this man. it is possible that some students may have seen what happened. >> i think some saw as well. they were in the garden, getting a tour of the garden. they moved them out quickly but they were some what exposed to it. >> reporter: the vice president robert called me and said the company is sadden of the loss of a great friend and a valuable employee. i also tell you that they have six months to complete the investigation. live in berkeley i am paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. there is just one day to go before officials close it down and begin of the final preparation for opening of the new eastern span, let's give you a live look tonight. this is the last night that traffic
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will be allowed on the old section between oakland. bay bridge closure is going to have an impact of the bay area businesses. david stevenson reports of this closure and how others are seeing opportunities. >> it can be a ghost town or a traffic nightmare. >> or the worst from the bay bridge closure. >> it is going to diminish of the amount of service that we offer. >> because drivers are having to draw up complicated deliver plans. >> we are going to do the big circle rand. we are going to go down hayward bridge and come back. >> city officials say that with 49ers and baseball and big convention ahead in september,
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the labor weekend is simply the best option. it means the bridge and tunnel crowd and profits won't be quite as big this weekend. >> but, businesses their train station tells us they're expecting a bump in big. they're adding staff and anticipating bigger brunch crowd. >> we are looking forward to increase traffic from the caltrans and from the bus line here. >> after 8:00 the only commuters you will be able to use of the bay bridge are the treasure island residence, you will use this path to get back and forth. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news more details of the restricted access to treasure island. the venue will be shutting down during the bridge closure. the winery is staying open, plans for the island this weekend of two or three weddings. >> these people are getting the
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island to themselves so they're excited about it and all thing wedding guests have passes. >> the high patrol established check points of san francisco and blocking access of the western span and chaek checking for those passes. bart plan to run longer train and offer limited over night service at 14 of its stations. bay area plans to add routes and direct service from alameda. ac transit will not run bus service during the closure, instead, its busses will drop passengers off bart station. for example, is your employer letting you telecommute, join the competition by liking us on ktvu channel 2 news, and on facebook. he now says 21 residents have been lost of
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the fire t. flames have burned 180, 000 acres and making california's largest fire on record. crews estimated that the fire is 20% contained. the community is under evacuation and one man told us he's packed and ready to go. he's using the helicopter flying here his home as a gauge of deciding when to leave. >> figuring out how dangerous and which direction the fire might come. >> fire officials say they're making slow but subtle progress and to protect residents. an accident that injured five people. the truck he was driving crashed.
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police said 911 call started coming at 7:00 this morning about a suspicious man. he ended up inside a warehouse, an employee says he was throwing things around and jumping into a truck just as police arrived. >> he ram the truck into the building next door first. >> they officiated the pursuit and based on the subject driving driving radically. >> not long after the pursuit ended the stolen truck crashed into three other cars. the injuries for drivers in the car were minor. students of east bay high school morning the lost of a student. the 17-year-old killed in an a car accident last night. >> it was a devastating scene on the drive where one teenager was killed and two were hurt on the single car crash last night.
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>> it breaks my heart that a family lost their son. >> i would like to know more about it. >> you would? >> like how it happened and why did they do it. >> he was 17-year-old robert orlando who was a member of the golf team. >> he was lovely and -- full of life. >> his aunt and a family friend talked to us at the home. >> he was larger than life young man that had more passion than almost, well, most people in life that i have ever known. >> this was the first day of class and a usually joyous occasion that had a -- >> make the most of the relationships that are in our live and let god shed us through our pain. >> there is a big sign on campus
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that'll later be given to his family. >> he's a well known guy and super well like so it kind of bring it home that it can happen to anybody. >> it will be weeks before they determine how fast the car was going before the crash, the driver and the other teenager in the car are both in stable condition with broken bones. ktvu channel 2 news they want to know why so many homicides are going unsolved. an united states maybe on the converge of military -- the major question is now being waived by president obama. i will have a look at the numbers coming up for your weekend.
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the fire in oakland adam point neighborhood started about 1:00 this afternoon, firefighters said the unit on the second and third floor were damaged. no word yet of what started the fire. how neighbors said home to squader, started just before 3 a.m. on national boulevard. a neighbor says she saw homeless people in the house. although there is no official cause of what sparked the fire. it is been another violent year in oakland there is been several homicides. there is only about a third of the city's homicide cases have been solved. today, family members of eight victims went to city hall and
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they met with the police chief and mayor's offices. >> the blood of those killed is screaming for justice, i have not been aware of any suspect in my son's case and i am here to demand action and answers. >> oakland's police saw 28% of their right side cases in 2012. the latest available number are from 2012 based on a race of 64 cases have been cleared. they planned to post notices telling anchors on the boat have to leave within 30 days. the clean up we'll see the removal -- including two 100 tug long boats. shannon travis says u.s.
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allies are on board for a strike and they could come as soon as thursday. >> president obama is still waiting for a major decision weather to attack syria of the use of chemical weapons of against its own people. >> president obama and i believe that those who used chemical weapons against men and children should or should not be held accountable. >> the military will be ready should the president decide to strike. >> but if you were to come, we are ready to go like that. >> president obama is expected to get final military option as early as tuesday. a strike could be carried out within several days. warships carrying missiles have
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already moved into the region. and british's minister david lawmakers of how best to respond and leading of the opponent of the strike russia alies assisting that there is no prove of syria using chemical weapons. and now it is a warning. >> we have the materials to defense ours we'll surprise others. the dow fell 170 points of the lowest of 2 months and nasdaq was down to 79. there are claims that it is linked to syria. security experts say the electronic army is may ps be to blame. the site was down for 6 hours and just came back online about an hour ago.
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twitter says i looking into that claim. add manager issued a memo says they expect of $150 million deficit over ten months because of sequestration. . bay area's home prices continue to rise and they're beating of the national average. the index of 20 cities show u.s. home prices rose more than 20% between june of last year and june of this year. one of biggest incr is right here on the bay area. the council approved the ordinance in a 9-4 vote today.
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to banning sty foam. some styrofoam. s. happening now the palo alto park and rec commission is meeting at this hour of out lawing the feeding of wile animals and that includes ducks and geese and cats. feeding posts a health risk to animals and humans. virus similar to measle is killing follow fins on the east coast. dolphins have washed up on beaches since july 1st t. suppresses their i immune system. dol have been found because they contracted other diseases. about half an hour before the sun set and for most of us there is still
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plenty of sunshine outside our doors which is low clouds and fog hugging the close line. giving you a look there at the low clouds. and areas right around -- 68 degrees still in the nevada and 70s for napa and 77 in fairfield and widespread 60s around the bay. and still holding onto 70s with for redwood city. 69 degrees and clear cloud at half-moon bay at this hour. a little change is expected in the forecast for tomorrow, we remained of the trough off the coastline, we have the afternoon's sea breeze that keeps our afternoon highs in check and as we get into the morning hours, we'll see mostly clear skies. 80s inland and we could be just a tad cooler in some areas for the second half of the day. for many of us may not even
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notice. as we pick up tomorrow morning . along the coastline, a few patches into the east bay. and 7 and 9:00 it is out of here and mostly clear skies and in the afternoon we can see partly cloudy skies along the coast tomorrow. 58 in hayward and 53 in san francisco so the little ones getting off to school tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and clear skies. a nice warm up for the afternoon. m. to the east bay and 80 for the inland east bay and 85 in concord and upper 80s for livermore and 80 degrees for san jose and 79 santa clara. 81 redwood city and 74 for san mateo and 67 in sacramento and lows to mid-60s and partly skies expected for the coast. notice that temperatures don't change a
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whole lot as we get into thursday, and friday and upper to lows 80s. mid-70s around the bay and mid-60s around the coast. as we get into your holiday's weekend, on saturday only getting to 80 degrees on sunday. >> thank you rosemary. test calls are planned for residence who's living in the refinery areas. tomorrow's test is set to begin at 5:p.m. 30 p.m.. and google self driving car may soon have some competition when the biggest car maker says its version may be on the market.
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the new video game madden 25 is out. and it has a special feature that the bay area fans should like. and if you score, you c
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kaepernick's sure move. nissan currently sell the electric car. it is currently testing them iny . google says its self driving car should be in the market sooner within three years. tomorrow celebration of the 50th anniversary of the march of martin luther king. president obama is scheduled to speak, standing on the same spot where doctor martin luther king stood in 1963 when he delivered his "i have a dream", thank you for making our choice for news, our coverage continues at 10:00 and tonight we have coverage for you
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of the big fire in fairfield, we are always here for you at and keep in mind that tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> let's get to work! pippi longstocking. she made a sex tape. >> her name is tami erin, she's 39. she played her in the movie. >> i'm very impressed with her dimensions although the guy she's having sex with, he came along and i was like -- you know. >> rihanna in new york taking a taxi. >> it's hard to get a taxi when you're black in new york city. i have literally standing here

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